Monday, March 24, 2014

June Recital Show Details

June Recital Details:
The following is not a final show order.  It's just a list of classes that will be performing on which night.  An Actual show order will be announced later on.  Dress Rehearsal will be held June 17th.  Details to come. :)

Show A: Wednesday June 18th
Show B:  Thursday, June 19th
Adv Modern
Adv Modern
Adv Tap
Adv Tap
Ballet 1A Mon
Ballet 1 B Tues
Ballet 2 Mon
Ballet 1B Wed
Ballet 3/4 Tues
Ballet 2 Wed
Ballet/Tap Tues 10:30
Ballet 3 Wed
Boys Hip Hop
Ballet 4A
Ballet/Tap Mon 4:30
Company JR Josh
BALLET/Tap Mon 6:30
Company Mini Amber
Ballet/Tap Tues 6:30
Company Mini Crystal
Beg Modern
Company SR Amber
Company JR- Josh
Company Mini - Summer
Daddy - Daughter
Company SR - Amy
Hip Hop Thurs 6:30
Company JR/SR - Jessica
Int Modern
Daddy - Daughter
Jazz 1A Mon
Hip Hop Thurs 4:30
Jazz 2 Mon

Jazz 3/4 Tues
Jazz 2 Wed
Jazz 4B
Jazz 3 Wed
Jazz 5
Jazz 4A
Senior Solos
Jazz 4B RIV
Tap  1
Jazz 5
Tap 3/4
Senior Solos
Tap 2
Tap 3/4

Dance Pictures - SAVE THE DATE!!

Dance Pictures will be held at the studio on May 16 & 17.  Schedule and details will be announced April 14th.