Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Recital Tips

Recital Tips
Recital can be a stressful part of the year. Here are some helpful tips to keep you and your child calm and prepared for anything.

11.       Stay Calm!  A positive attitude will help your dancer stay calm.  Children can pick up on our stress levels.
22.      Be prepared. Get everything ready a few days before the recital. 

A few days before the recital
11.      Make a list of everything they need, costume, shoes, tights, hair pieces, etc.
22.      Get all parts of their costume ready.
33.      Take their costume out of the bag and make sure it doesn’t look wrinkled.  (Do not use an iron on costumes.  Tutus and other costumes can be steamed in a steamy bathroom or with a laundry steamer.) If your child is in more than one dance:  check the show order, put costumes in order of performance.  Teachers and Staff will help dancers with costume changes.  Have your dancer wear a nude colored leotard underneath their costumes, it makes costume changes more comfortable.
44.      Check to make sure you have the shoes needed.
55.      Hair pieces are included in the costume bag.  Each class has a specific hair style.  Please make sure you know how they are to wear their hair.  Remember to use hair gel and hairspray.  A hairnet for buns is a great tool.
66.      Tights.  Please wear the tights we included in their bags.  Typically, it’s pink tights for Ballet and Tan (Carmel) tights for Jazz.
77.      Label everything.  i.e. on the tag inside the costume and inside the shoes.  Many young girls in the same classes are the same size.
88.      Makeup.  For younger dancers: blush and lip gloss is enough.  For older dancers:  foundation, blush, neutral browns eye shadow, mascara, classic red lipstick.
99.      Pack their dance bag:
-A water bottle, snacks, (no sticky, messy kinds), etc.
-A few quiet games, such as a coloring book, stuffed animal, or deck of cards will help them quietly pass the time while they are waiting to perform.
110.  Make sure your child is rested.  A little extra sleep before the recital will go a long way.
111.  Check the address of the recital.  Get directions if you need them.  South Hills Middle School, 13508 S. 4000 W.  Riverton, UT.  Make sure you know how long it will take you to get to the school.

The day of the Recital
11.      Make sure dancers go to the bathroom before you get ready.
  2.    Relax.  Keep in mind your dancer will be excited and anxious, as will you. Try to relax and enjoy this special night in your dancer's life. 
  3.   Ask for help!  We are here to help you and your dancer.  Our teachers and staff have lots of experience with performing.
   4.   Have fun! This is what we have been working towards, so enjoy it!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Recital Tickets Now Available!

Our Christmas Recital is in 11 days!  We are so excited to show you what we have been working on.

Tickets are now available!  Each student receives two complimentary tickets with their paid recital fee.  They will be handed out in class this week. 

Tickets are for General Admission, there are no assigned seats.

Additional tickets are available at the front desk for $5 each.  Children under 2 years old are free.

Get your tickets early! We sold out last year.  

Tickets will be available at the door for $7.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Christmas Recital 2012

Wasatch Arts Center
 Christmas Recital 2012
South Hills Middle School, 13508 S. 4000 W. Riverton, UT  
Dancers need to arrive 30 minutes before show time.

Show A - 2:30 pm

Show B - 6:30 pm 

All seats, $5 General Admission Children under 2 are Free.

If you are unsure of which show your dancer is performing in, please see the Dress Rehearsal Schedule.

Dress Rehearsal for Christmas Rectial

Wasatch Arts Center
Dress Rehearsal Schedule
Friday, December 14, 2012
South Hills Middle School, 13508 S. 4000 W. Riverton, UT
Please arrive 15 minutes before your stage time.

Class Teacher Title

Show A
Creative Mov DRA Amber  Jingle Bells

Ballet 1A (Wed 5pm) Stacie
Ballet/Tap (Mon 4:30) Alexandria Frosty the Snowman

Jazz 1B (Wed 5pm) Rebecca Beach Boys
Ballet 1B (Thurs) Brenna Here Comes Santa

Ballet/Tap (Tues 4:30 DRA) Amber Snowflakes
Mini Co Brenna Carol of the Bells

Ballet 1A (Mon 5:30) Alexandria Nutcracker 
Ballet/Tap (Tues 6:30 RIV) Amber Jingle Bells

Pre Co Shannon Candy Man
Ballet/Tap (Wed 11:30 RIV) Amber Santa Claus

Ballet 1 B (Wed) Stacie

Mini Co Summer Holly Jolly Christmas
Ballet 2 (Mon) Summer Marshmallow World

Beg Modern Amy
Senior Co Shannon V Nutcracker Fairies

Show B
Party Scene JessicaY All Dance Companies

Fight Scene Shannon All Hip Hop Classes & Contemporary

Snow Scene Ballet 3, 4, 5 RIV

Land of Sweets Scene

Ballet 3/4 DRA Angels

Beg Tap & Tap 3/4 Mother Ginger
Teen Ballet/Jazz
Ballet 2 (Wed RIV)
Jazz 3 / Jazz 5 Russian

Ballet 1/2 DRA Silent Nutcracker
Modern 3/4 & Adv Arabian
Jazz 2 Mon RIV/Thurs DRA Santa Baby
Ballet 3 (Tues RIV) Chinese

Jazz 2 (Wed RIV)
Adv Tap

Jazz 4 RIV Spanish
Ballet 3 (Wed RIV) White Christmas

Jazz 3 /4 DRA Winter Dance
Tap 2 (Mon 5:30) River Dance

Waltz of Flowers Ballet 4 and 5 RIV
Sugar Plum Fairy Alexandria

Finale Ballet 4 and 5 RIV, Alexandria, Clara

****Please note:  show order is subject to change for Recital Night

Festival of Trees, Friday, November 30th

We have an additional performance scheduled on November 30 at the Festival of Trees, held at the South Towne Expo in Sandy at 9400 S. and State St.

Additional information will be handed out in their classes.   This is an optional performance but, it is a fun and low key.  It also helps raise funds for Primary Children's Hospital.  Dancer's get in free but, spectators need to purchase tickets.

The following classes have been invited to participate.  Please let us know ASAP if your dancer cannot make it to these performances. This is NOT the show order.

1:30pm Show - South Stage
Pre Company- Christmas in the Ocean
Mini Company- Carol of the Bells
Junior Company - Party
Senior Company – Nutcracker Variation
Teen Class DRA

Jazz 2 Wed RIV

Ballet Class- Ballet 3/4 DRA

Ballet/Tap Combo- RIV Wed 11:30 Ms Amber
Ballet 3 Tues RIV

6:30 pm Show - South Stage
Adv Tap
Ballet 3 Wed RIV

Jazz 4 RIV

Pre Company – Hot Chocolate
Mini Company – Carol of the Bells
Junior Company- Solider
Senior Company- Doll
Ballet/Tap Combo – RIV Tues 6:30 Ms Amber

Ballet 2 Wed RIV

Jazz 3 - Jazz 5 RIV

Monday, November 5, 2012

Recital Fee Due!

Recital Fees are due.  Every student is required to pay a $30 recital participation fee.  This fee covers the production costs of the recital, i.e. building rental, lighting and sound tech, special stage flooring, etc.  This fee does NOT cover regular monthly tuition.

Parent's Observation Week (Nov 5 to 9)

This week is Parents Observation Week!  You are invited to come into your student's dance class the last 15 minutes of class.  Come see what they have been learning and don't forget your camera!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! 

Just a reminder that we do not have dance classes tonight.  We hope you have a safe and fun time Trick or Treating!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Costume Fees due October 15

Costume Fees per class

Ballet 5
Adv Ballet

Adv Hip Hop Thurs 6:30 (provide own white tank & jeans)

Boys Hip Hop Thurs 5:30 pm (Ms Shannon)

Hip Hop Thurs 4:30 pm (Ms Shannon) (Boys $30, provide your own grey pants)

Ballet/Tap Mon 4:30 pm (Ms Alexandria)
Ballet/Tap Tues 6:30 pm (Ms Amber)
Ballet/Tap Wed 11:30 am (Ms Amber)

Ballet 1A Mon 5:30 pm (Ms Alexandria)
Ballet 1A Wed 5:00 pm (Ms Stacie)
Ballet 1B Wed 6:00 pm (Ms Stacie)
Ballet 1B Thurs 6:30 pm (Ms Brenna)

Ballet 2 Wed 5:00 pm (Ms Brenna)
Ballet 2 Mon 4:30 pm (Ms Summer)

Ballet 3 Tues 5:30 pm (Ms Brenna)
Ballet 3 Wed 6:00 pm (Ms Brenna)

Beg Tap Mon 4:30 pm (Ms Briana)
Int Tap Mon 5:30 pm (Ms Briana) Girls $65, Boys $35 (provide own black pants)
Tap 3/4 Tues 5:30 pm (Ms Briana)

Jazz 1B Wed 5:00 pm (Ms Rebecca)
Jazz 3 Wed 7:00 pm (Ms Ginger)
Jazz 4 Thurs (Ms Rebecca)

Beg Modern Tues 6:30 pm (Ms Amy)
Int Modern Thurs 6:30 pm (Ms Amy)
Adv Modern Thurs 5:30 pm (Ms Amy

Ballet 4 Thurs (Ms Brenna)
Jazz 2 Mon 5:30 pm (Ms Rebecca)
Jazz 2 Wed 6:00 pm (Ms Rebecca)

Costume Fees are due October 15th!

Costume Fee per Class 

Boys Hip Hop Tues 5:30 pm (Ms Denali/Shannon)

Ballet/Tap Tues 4:30 pm (Ms Amber)
Contemporary Tues 7:30 pm (Ms Jessica)
Jazz 2 Thursday 6:30 pm (Ms Brittany)
Girls Hip Hop Tues 6:30 pm (Ms Denali/Shannon)
Ballet 1/2 Wed 6:30 pm (Ms Amber)
Creative Movement & Music Wed 5:45 pm (Ms Amber)
Hip Hop 3/4 Tues 7:30 pm (Ms Shannon)
Ballet /Tap Thurs 4:30 pm (Ms Julie)

Ballet 3/4 Thurs 5:30 pm (Ms Jessica)

Jazz 3/4 Thurs 6:30 pm (Ms Jessica)

Teen Ballet/Jazz Thurs 7:30 (Ms Jessica)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Halloween Party!

It's time for our annual Halloween Party!

Friday October 12, 2012

We will have games, crafts, a Spook Alley and we will be learning the choreography from Thriller!

This is a FREE event for Wasatch Arts Center Students and Families!

Held at the Riverton Studio, 11968 S. Redwood Rd.

Don’t forget to wear your costume and bring your family!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Bring a Friend Week!

It's Bring A Friend To Dance Week! 

Bring a friend to any class this week and show them just how much fun we have at Wasatch Arts Center!

It's not necessary for them to have dance clothes or shoes. Sweatpants or shorts and bare feet are just fine.