Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Christmas 2017 Recital General Information

General Recital Guidelines

There are a lot of components involved in staging our recitals.  Following these guidelines allows us to provide a professional, safe, and fun performance opportunity. We ask that you carefully go over this information and if you have any questions please call the studio. 

Show A is planned to last 45 minutes and Show B 1 hour and 30 minutes.  We expect all dancers to stay backstage for the entire show.  We do not allow early check-outs.  All teachers and staff will be helping backstage.  We play games and watch a movie while we wait.  Dancers are well taken care of.  If there is ever a problem with your dancer we will contact parents immediately.  If you are uncomfortable with leaving your child with us during the show then we ask that your dancer wait until they are older to participate or a parent may volunteer to stay backstage for the entire show. 

Recital Arrival
Recital will be held at South Hills Middle School, 13508 S. 4000 W. Riverton, UT.  Please arrive 30 minutes before show time.  Dancers are to go directly backstage.  Please see Arrival Information sheet for more details. (on back)  Students will check in and remain backstage until the end of the performance.  Students can be picked up where they checked in.  NO student will be allowed to leave backstage during the show.

Each dancer receives 2 complimentary tickets with their paid recital fee.  These tickets will be available for pick up AT THE SHOW, at the WILL CALL TABLE.   Additional recital tickets can be purchased at the studio for $5 each before the show and at the dress rehearsal.  Tickets will be $7 at the door.  All tickets are general admission.  Tickets are required for all audience members needing a seat. 

Please make sure that you have all parts to your costume and hair accessories.   Please wear the tights included with your costume.  All tights need to be the same color and brand.  Not all brands produce the same color.  You will receive most everything you need for recital, except shoes.  Students should wear new looking shoes as needed with their costume.  Please label your shoes and any personal items.  We recommend all female dancers who have more than one dance wear a Nude Camisole Style leotard to wear underneath costumes. This helps with costume changes.
            All dancers need to wear the tights that came with your costume (if applicable). Tutus and costumes may need to be steamed. We recommend a laundry steamer or hang it in a steamy bathroom to allow the tulle to "soften". DO NOT USE AN IRON ON COSTUMES.  Please remember that costumes are for performances only.  Please do not wear the costumes to play in before the recital. Any damage that occurs will be your responsibility to repair.  We may not be able to order a new costume.  We think our costumes look excellent on stage but wish to remind you that they are costumes, not regular clothing made to withstand everyday wear.  We consider our costume choices to be more modest and age appropriate than many other studios in the area. While not all costumes have sleeves, we are very careful to avoid low cut and bare midriff styles.

Hair and Makeup
All female dancers need to have hair in a left part bun, bangs secured off face.  Dancers with short hair should have hair pulled away from face.  Generally, all makeup should consist of the following: foundation, powder, blush, neutral colored eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, and bright red lipstick.   We recommend: Lipstick color: Revlon ColorStay Overtime in Ultimate Wine, available at Walgreens and Walmart.   For our younger dancers a little blush and lipgloss is appropriate.  Because the stage lights can pale the dancer’s face, applying makeup enhances how they look during the show.  Don’t be afraid to apply more than usual.  Please no blue eyeshadow, no purple lipstick, red lipstick only.

Recital Etiquette:
  • No flash photography during the performance for the safety of the dancers.  It is blinding and distracting to the dancers and the audience. 
  • If you must leave the performance, please wait to leave BETWEEN numbers.
  • No video cameras are allowed to be set up in the auditorium.  We will have professional video cameras in place to film the show.  Order forms are available in the lobby and will be available the day of the performance.   The DVD is $25 and includes both shows.  
Other questions?  Please let us know if you have additional questions regarding this information. Please call the studio at 801-253-6323.  We look forward to a great show!

Wasatch Arts Center
                                                      Christmas Recital 2017

Instructions for Dancer Arrival for Recital

1.  Recital is held at South Hill Middle School, 13508 S. 4000 W. Riverton, UT.  Please arrive at least 30 minutes before show time.  Please enter main entrance.  Guests remain in the lobby, one parent and the dancer should proceed to the backstage for check-in.  Please know the name of your dancer’s class.  Show A:  4:00 pm Show B: 6:00 pm

2.  Please arrive in costume, with makeup on.   Space is limited to change and put make up on your child.  However, extra make-up, hairspray, etc., will be available for touch-ups.  If your child is in more than one dance please have them arrive in their costume for their first dance.  We also recommend a nude leotard underneath costumes. 

3.  Once your dancer is Checked in he/she will not be allowed to leave without prior permission from Studio Director, Alice White.  We expect all dancers to stay backstage for the entire show.  We do not allow early check-outs.  All teachers and staff will be helping backstage. 

4.  There will NOT be an intermission during the Shows.  Parents will not be allowed backstage during the show or at intermission.  Show A is planned to last 45 minutes and Show B 1 hour and 30 minutes.

5.  At the end of the show we invite one parent to come get your dancer at the check in Table.  Children will not be released to the parents directly from the stage.  Parents will not be allowed backstage or in the dressing rooms.  Please respect our safety procedures!  After you have checked out, your child will be released to you. 

6.  You may bring quiet toys/games, coloring books, and other amusements.  Snacks can be brought. Please no sticky or messy varieties.  Please bring all personal belongings and snacks in an identifiable personal bag.  They will be having fun!

7.  Where Dancers Go Backstage   Each dance will be assigned a dressing room.   Dancers will wait with their teacher in assigned dressing rooms or classrooms.  Dancers in more than one dance will be assigned a dressing area.  Staff members will help with costume changes.

8.  Your enjoyment, the student’s safety and happiness are our primary concerns.


Dress Rehearsal Information for December 8th, 2017

  Wasatch Arts Center
  Friday, December  8, 2017
  South Hills Middle School, 13508 S. 4000 W. Riverton, UT 
  Time Class Teacher Show
  4:30 Ballet 1A Wed Crystal Show A
    Rosecrest Tues Crystal Show A
  4:40 Jazz/Tap Tues Amber Show A
    Ballet/Tap Wed 10:30 Crystal Show A
  4:50 Ballet/Tap Mon 4:30 Crystal Show A
    Ballet 1B Tues Amber Show A
  5:00 Ballet/Tap Wed 6:30 Crystal Show A
    Beg Modern Isabella Show A
  5:20 Rosecrest Mon Crystal Show A
    Ballet/Tap Mon 6:30 Crystal Show A
  5:30 Ballet 1B Wed  Sarah Show A
    Jazz/tap Wed Crystal Show A
  5:40 Jazz 2 Mon Crystal Show B
    Ballet 3 Mon Carly Show B
  6:00 Jazz 5 Alyssa Show A, B
    Ballet 2 Mon Carly Show B
  6:10 Modern 3/4 Carly Show  B
    Boys Hip Hop 6:00 Keith Show A
  6:20 Rosecrest Hip Hop Crystal Show B
    Adv Tap Lynette Show B
  6:30 Hip Hop 7:00 Keith Show B
    Tap 1/ 2 Lynette Show A
  6:40 Adv Hip Hop Keith Show B
    Tap 3/4 Lynette Show B
  6:50 Jazz 2 Wed Brittany Show B
    Jazz 3 Wed Brittany Show B
  7:00 Ballet 2 Wed Sarah Show B
    Ballet 4/ 5 Carly  Show A,B
  7:20 Contemporary Emma Show B
    Jazz 4  Emma Show B
  7:30 Adv Modern Carly Show B
    Teen Ballet Emma Show B
  7:40 Adv & Sr Co Katy Show A
    Jr Co Alexandria Show A
  7:50 Mini Co Emma Show A
  8:00 Nativity All Companies Show B
   **Please note:  This is NOT the show order**      
  Recital is Saturday, December 9th:  Show A at 4:00 pm, Show B at 6:00 pm