Monday, January 23, 2017


To: ALL DANCERS AGE 6 AND UP (boys and girls)

Hip Hop Masterclass

with Rachel Savage,

BGirling (breakdancer)

Thursday, January 26th

6 to 7:00 pm for ages 6 to 10

7 to 8:30 pm for ages 11 and up

You can see some her moves at: 

More about Rachel Savage:

Creator of RealThentic, Rachel Savage, discovered her passion for hip hop dance at the age of 15. There were no opportunities for hip hop instruction where she grew up in Bremerton, Washington so she taught herself bgirling (also known as breakdancing) by reading online written tutorials and watching the few breakin videos she could find (before youtube era).  After moving to Utah at age 18, she joined a Bboy/Bgirl crew called the “Blowup Kingz” and started competing in battles and doing performances with them. It was her teenage dream come true to be a part of a talented dance crew.

At age 19 Rachel started a break club at the college she was attending, the University of Utah.  At age 21 she started teaching a hip hop class under the fitness department at the University of Utah and built a hip hop program there that didn't exist before.  After graduating from the University of Utah in 2012 with two degrees in Finance and Psychology, Rachel had a difficult decision to make. Accept a lucrative investment banking career or follow her dreams of a dance career. Ultimately she decided to go with her passion and started a dance/fitness contracting business called Savage Hip Hop, LLC.

This passion for positively impacting the youth led Rachel to meet hip hop pioneer and bboy legend “Lil Cesar” who started the world’s first Hip Hop school of Arts in Pomona, a unique technical/trade program to transform each student's creative energy into marketable skills through education, guidance, and self-expression. Rachel was asked by Cesar to join the well respected LA based "Airforce Crew" he founded in 1984.  Rachel is all about using hip hop uplifting communities so she loves helping with projects that have this mission.  With great zeal she will continue to spread the hip hop love. Peace, love, unity, and having fun.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Odyssey Dance Theatre Workshop, February 22, 2017

On Wednesday February 22, we have something special planned for the studio! Odyssey Dance Theatre will be coming to our studio to host a Workshop! We are so excited to offer this wonderful opportunity for our dancers. This workshop will be in lieu of regular classes- Jazz 2, Ballet 2 and Jazz 3, Ballet 3, Ballet 5. Come ready to have fun!! More details coming!

Odyssey Dance Theatre Workshop February 22, 2017
Workshop consists of a 1.5 hour partnering class - (They will bring the men!), a younger dancer master class of our style choice, and a 1/2 hour seminar on Professional Dancer opportunities and what to prepare for. Created by: Derryl Yeager