Monday, April 24, 2017

RECITAL Guidelines June 2017

Dance Recital Instructions

1.  Recital is held at Bingham High School 2160 W 10400 S, South Jordan, UT 84095.  Please arrive 30 minutes before show time.  Please enter main entrance.  Guests remain in the lobby, one parent and the dancer should proceed to the backstage for check-in.  Please know the name of your dancer’s class. 

2.  Please arrive in costume, with makeup and hair done.  If your child is in more than one dance, have them arrive in their costume for their first dance.  Please label your dancer’s shoes and belongings. 

3.  You may bring quiet toys/games, coloring books, and other amusements.  Snacks can be brought. Please no sticky or messy varieties.  No beverages except bottled water will be allowed.  Please bring all personal belongings and snacks in an identifiable personal bag.  They will be having fun! 

4.  Once your dancer is checked in he/she will not be allowed to leave during the show.  Dancers will wait with their teacher in assigned dressing rooms or classrooms.  Teachers/Staff members will help with costume changes.  We will have a video playing and games planned to entertain dancers while they are waiting backstage.

5.  Show A and Show B will have a 10 minute intermission.  Parents will not be allowed backstage during the show or intermission.

6.  At the end of the show we invite one parent to come get your dancer at the check in area.  Children will not be released to the parents directly from the stage.  Parents will not be allowed backstage stage during check out.  Please respect our safety procedures!  After you have checked out, your child will be released to you.

7.  Each dancer with their paid Recital Fee receives two complimentary tickets.  These tickets can be picked up the night of the show at the WILL CALL table.  

8.  You may purchase flowers in the lobby before or after the show and during intermission.  DVDs will also be available to order.

9.  Your enjoyment and the student’s safety and happiness are our primary concerns.

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